In 1960, Jack Essick bought a small three bay auto repair shop north of Herrin, just one block off of Park Ave. Jack opened it up as "Jack's Brake shop" a Brake, Suspension, and Alignment Shop. Jack built the specialty auto repair business, which brought customers from far and wide to benefit from his expertise. He then brought in his son Bob in the summer of 1968 to learn at a young age the important segments of auto repair. In 1972, after graduating from Herrin High School, Bob started to work full -time with his dad. In 1979 Bob purchased the business from his dad upon his retirement. During the next few years, Bob expanded the business to do more general repair while hiring several men through the years to help with the busy work load. In 1991, Bob changed the name of the business to KB's Auto Lab. This change was to reflect the change in the type of work now being preformed, and to update or modernize the name. Still doing the brake, alignment and suspension work, as his dad specialized in, Bob purchased three state of the art Sun Diagnostic Analyzers over the next several years. This added to the list of specialty services KB's Auto Lab could offer. Since 1992, Bob's wife Kim has been working at the shop taking care of the business end of things. In December of 2000, Bob brought his son Shaun in to help out during a very busy time. Shaun has continued his service and is the third generation of auto repair technicians. Now with over 52 years of combined experience, KB's Auto Lab is one of the best equipped auto repair shops in the area. Their motto "We Test, Not Guess" is best used to describe how they approach each repair using their modern diagnostic testing equipment. Both Shaun and Bob are ASE certified in multiple fields of auto repair.